Thursday, October 25, 2007

Uncle Moishy

My son loves Uncle Moishy. We let him watch two videos a day, and for the past month it has been Uncle Moishy - the haredi male Laurie Berkner - and Uncle Moishy exclusively. He particularly likes "Yomtov Uncle Moishy" which is recording of the Mitzvah Men doing holiday songs.

Each time, my little boy gets out his "microphone" (a cellphone attached to a charger) and sings along softly. One of our favorite activities is to perform, word for word, the entire video - of course using the microphone/cellphone and charger.

You can imagine our disappointment when we found out on monday that just the day before, THE Uncle Moishy was playing at a concert in Baltimore - and we did not know!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, my husband and I have watched this thing so many times that we have memorized and analyzed the most minute and inane details. We could both write a senior thesis about Yomtov Uncle Moishy.

I find with most videos that my son gets attached to, I go through similar stages:

Stage I: Learning - this is when I am absorbing the video for the first (10) time/s.

Stage II: Mild Annoyance (10-20 screenings)

Stage III: Peak of Annoyance (usually occurs around the 30th screening)

Stage IV: Post-Annoyance Intrigue - (this is when we start noticing the details we were too annoyed to focus on the first 30 times)

Stage V: Zen - The video can be on - and we don't even notice. It becomes harmless background noise.

Stage VI: My son loses interest. (usually around the 100th screening...)

I am currently at Stage IV in the process.

Wish me luck in making it to Stage VI when we will FINALLY move on to something else. (nothing against Uncle Moishy, of course. He is actually really talented and has a real Yiddishe neshama...)


Gluckel of Manhattan said...

I am thoroughly embarrassed to say that Uncle Moishy and the MelodyMakers' arrangement of "V'ahavta l'rayecha kamocha" was one of my favorites as a kid and I still love it. Go you!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of an address where we can send Uncle Moishy fan mail to?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know Uncle Moishy's mailing address - Uncle Moishy, P.O. Box 190864, Brooklyn, New York, 11219

Unknown said...

552 East 4th Street
Brooklyn, New York. 11218

Moishe Tanenbaum said...

Old mailing address

Moishe Tanenbaum said...

Old mailing address

Moishe Tanenbaum said...

Old mailing address