Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Home Stretch

We've overeaten. Underslept. Traveled for hours and hours in cramped quarters.

All for the celebration of our Happy Fall Holidays.

As a wise mama once said: "The holidays are hard on everybody."

I know that everbody-parent or not--is SO ready to be done by the time we hit simchat torah, but I think that parents of young children have it particularly hard.

At this point in time my son hardly knows which way is up. Naps are a mess, meals are feast or famine, bedtimes are pushed to the limit. Sleep is happening in a car, in a pack n play, in a baby carrier, anywhere but where it should.

I've often said that is so nice to have a day during the week where you can stop and step back from your everyday life. Now I'd like to revise that: it is so nice to have JUST ONE day during the week where you get a break from the everyday.

I miss the my everyday routines. And I miss appreciating Shabbat.

So, I will push through this last 3 day yom tov. No doubt we'll have fun. It's my son's first Simchat torah, and he loves to sing and dance--super-kaif!

But when my alarm rings Monday morning, I will anticipate with excitement five whole days of the daily grind. And when Shabbat comes next week, I will truly be thankful.

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