Thursday, October 11, 2007

The ironies of motherhood

So my first big day away from my babies, which I posted about here? Turns out I didn’t have to go an entire day without seeing them, because they decided to wake up in time to see me off… at 5 am. Which was sweet, but, well, a little exhausting.

And my son? He chose the day I was out of town to take his first solo steps! Very exciting, but I felt terrible that I missed it… so instead of being just an exhausted mess trying to keep my eyes open while waiting for my delayed flight back home (which got me in at 2 am!!!), I was also feeling full of self-pity and self-recrimination. Not a pretty sight.

My son was apparently so excited for my return (either that, or for an opportunity to practice his newfound walking skills) that he decided to wake up at 4:45 yesterday to greet me, and to refuse his morning nap. By the end of the day we both were so bleary eyed that we looked like we’d spent the night in a bar.

Luckily, my daughter had enough energy for all three of us. When our playing stamina flagged, she kept herself busy by approaching her reflection in the mirror (and the oven door, and the silver garbage can) with repeated enthusiastic greetings and wet kisses. She was very kind, and let me off the hook after reading her favorite book to her only five times.

When did my babies turn into these little independent people?

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