Monday, October 08, 2007

Good luck

Yeled is having his early intervention assessment tomorrow. Why, you ask? Well, in July, yes 2.5 months ago (don't even get me started on how long it has taken for early intervention to schedule an assessment!), he was diagnosed with torticollis - wry neck. He has been seeing a wonderful physical therapist at a local hospital, and thank G-d, his neck has been improving.

The thing is, that now we are told that he has low muscle tone as well. He's just over six months, and can't sit up unassisted. Again, the PT has been helping, but to an Ima-ma, the progress is OH.SO.SLOW.

This is where my worries really start. I want the early intervention for Yeled so that
a. he will have at least an extra hour of PT a week
b. the PT will take place in my home! I wouldn't stop going to his other therapist, but it would be great to have the extra support, without having to drive anywhere.
c. if he needs any occupational therapy- they will cover that as well.

Like I said, its been more than 2.5 months since his initial diagnosis, so who knows if he will be eligible for the help.

But I'm really torn- when my PT told us "good-luck with the appointment" I really wondered- would good luck mean that he is found too healthy to be eligible? Of course, that would be wonderful- it would mean that another set of eyes thinks he will be ok on his own. On the other hand, would "good-luck" mean that he is found eligible for EI, and we can have the extra PT?

I honestly don't know which would be the better outcome for us at this point.

Wish us luck tomorrow- whatever that really means!


Maya said...

Good luck to your handsome, sweet little one, and to you!

Ima Shalom said...

Good luck! No worries, my little Yeled was not such an amazing sitter at six months either. And now he is working on standing. said...

My son was diagnosed at a year (he still wasn't crawling) with low-muscle tone. Turns out I had it as well as a kid - didn't walk until 25 months - but they didn't diagnose such things back then. Anyway, we also did the early intervention thing and had a wonderful PT come to our home. I am happy to talk more about it...