Monday, October 01, 2007

Sleeping With My Etrog

Last week in shul, my husband was about to bench lulav, when my son started whimpering, "I s want to hold the etrog, Daddy!" Somehow my husband had so much faith in the gentleness of our little boy that he entrusted him with this delicate fruit.

Needless to say, the pitom broke off about five minutes later. And alas, our etrog was transformed from a ritual object to a little boy's favorite toy.

Since then, he has taken it everywhere - to the park, to the store, in the car, of course in the sukkah and yes - in his bed.

It is hard to imagine anythine more adorable than peaking in at night to check on my sleeping son and to find him cuddled up with his etrog.

One day, I hope we have a house with outdoor space and that my son will enjoy lots of family sleepovers in our backyard sukkah. For now, he'll sleep with his etrog.

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