Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lekh L'kha Baby

Well, it happened. Chamudi started walking in the course of a week. Big changes! And today he got a brand new pair of fancy European big-boy shoes, courtesy of Savta.

Choosing shoes for my child turns out to be almost as stressful as choosing choes for myself, and no less complicated. "No we can't get that pair," I explained to Abba and Savta when disqualifying a trendy ankle boot." "They're too sleek and European--we'd have to redo his entire wardrobe."

It took me at least a half hour to choose between two pairs--I actually made a 14 month old try on the same pair of shoes 2 or 3 times--and only made a decision after all sorts of reverse psychology had been applied. But I did indeed decide, and Chamudi is as proud as can be, as are we.

For me, walking has been an easier milestone, emotionally, than any of the others. Maybe because the fact that he is big boy is such a foregone conclusion now. Is it possible that I'm done lamenting the end of his babyhood?

Or maybe it's because walking will open up so many worlds to him. Maybe you haven't noticed, but we as a culture are extremely bi-ped centric. The things he already loves are about to reveal whole new levels of fun and adventure.

Or maybe it's just that amazing adorable look of self-satisfaction.

Yasher koach Chamudi! May you go from strength to strength.

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