Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Shabbat Shalom/Merry Xmas

This Christmas morning was just like any other. My 3year old cries from bed. I go get him. I change his diaper (that is for another very long post) and then I take him into bed with us.

This morning, he lies down for a few minutes, then perks up.

"Ima, is it Shabbat?"

I am befuddled.

"Why?" I ask, knowing why.

"Is it Shabbat?"

"No, it's not Shabbat. Why?"

"Can I watch TV?"

So yes, my son got the sense that it was a special day, a day off, a day to play and be goofy and relax. Ahhh, a special holiday. Not Shabbat. Christmas. Oh well. Being a New York boy, he thinks that Christmas trees are something that you can only find in building lobbies (which is FINE with me).

And so, we were treated to an extended viewing for the zillionth time of Dan Zanes and Friends on video.

What a way to wake up.

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