Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Turning the Pages

Tonight wasn't my son's first Hanukkah, but it was his first toddler Hanukkah. Last year he was less than 2 months old and had trouble staying awake for candle lighting.

I thought he'd be entranced by the candles and the singing, but I was wrong. He wouldn't--couldn't--take his attention from the little siddur I had given him so that he would stop grabbing at mine.

My son loves siddurim. So much so that the main reason that I have trouble davening with him is that he wants to grab mine and play with it, and will holler if I resist. He loves the feel and sound of the pages, and he's respectful and gentle with it, as he should be.

It doesn't stop with siddurim. At benching, he insists on holding a bencher until everyone is done. And I'm told that during Abba's Daf Yomi shiur he most certainly wants to hold a Talmud.

I'm sure that some people are bothered by the fact that we let him handle holy texts, but Abba and I happen to think that it's wonderful. For so many people siddurim and benchers are confusing and offputting. But not our son--he's already cozied up and gotten to know these soon-to-be-old-friends, building a relationship with these books that I hope will last a lifetime.


Jessica said...

My 23-month-old son is very attached to the Chumash and prayer books. He takes them down and "reads" them all the time, and is very interested in the Hebrew letters.

His first Chanukah was exciting enough--he enjoyed the candles and the prayers--but this year it is much more interesting to him. It's so much fun seeing his understanding of the world around him grow and grow!

Maya said...

My girl has her own laminated bencher that she enjoys immensely. Which siddur did you give your little scholar? Mine could use her own as well!