Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Does Harvard Have Pre-K?

Abba recently sent me this article from the NYtimes:

Harvard to Aid Students High in Middle Class

Now all chamoodi (our son) has to do is get into Harvard. No pressure.

It's no secret that university educations are overpriced. And I've even opened up a college savings plan to help cope with the cost.

But I've recently realized that I'm fooling myself. There's an entire industry devoted to ensuring that my child gets a college education. It's good to be prepared--and to take advantage of every bit of help available--but college isn't the problem.

You want something to keep you up at night? Think about the cost of 12+ years of day school.

Abba is convinced that day schools provide substantial scholarships so that all eligible students can attend. But Abba went to Ramaz--which is flush in Upper East Side money and alumni support--and I am not sure that we can count on such largess from our local school.

At best, our financial life will be scrutinized by a committee of our peers, and our decisions to (gasp!) buy a car or go on a vacation put under a microscope. Humiliating.

Lots of ideas have been floated--from a community superfund to homeschooling to charter schools--but so far none have made a real difference. And still, day school looms.

So how will we do it? Some serious sacrifices, no doubt. And for 2, 3 or even 4 children? God only knows.

Hey, at least our rent is controlled.

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