Monday, December 17, 2007

The Zoo at Night

Last night, we all bundled up and drove to the zoo for Zoo Lights - where during the month of December, the zoo is open for business each night - with lights everywhere, hot chocolate, puppet shows, and lots of other treats.

My daughter was happily perched in the Bjorn, my husbands down jacket covering her so that only her little smiling face peaked out.

My son wore his warmest, puffiest jacket and happily sipped his cup of lukewarm hot cocoa.

The highlight of the adventure was the ape house, where we watched the gorillas sleeping soundly. My son was fascinated to see that animals sleep, too, and commented that they must be snuggling with their blankies.

Needless to say, it was absolutely freezing - and absolutely wonderful.

There is something magical about seeing a place at night that normally you only visit during the day.

I feel grateful to be able to experience adventures like Zoo Lights through the eyes of my children.

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Maya said...

Gotta love the apes.