Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stop Looking at Me Like That

I'm having a recurring problem with our rabbi, a man I generally like and respect.

Sometimes I make the decision to bring my 13 month old Chamudi into services. Maybe I want to hear the drash. Maybe I think that he ought to see what Shabbat services are like.

Whatever the reason, sometimes I stay, rather than retreating to the children's program or some other Chamudi-rated setting.

And then, it happens. Chamudi gives out a yell. Not a full-on tantrum, but a yell or two because he wants my siddur or to steal my glasses or just to hear his own voice.

And the rabbi gives me a dirty look.

I tried to ignore it the first time, even after an amused friend caught and commented on it. And maybe even the second time.

But the third? Come on.

I'm not easily cowed, and I'm going to continue to bring the baby to shul on Shabbat. But one more look, and Rabbi is getting a talking to. No kidding.

I've already complained to the board--either you are a family friendly shul or you aren't, I said--and the board member essentially said "yes, that is the ongoing tension."

Okay, but I'm not throwing looks of death every time they do something that's NOT child friendly.

Maybe I'm being selfish. I don't really know. But I think I know the boundaries of consideration and good taste, and I'm pretty sure that I haven't crossed them.

So Rabbi...with all due respect...stop looking at me like that.

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