Monday, January 07, 2008

listening to my father

I often do not take time to appreciate the fact that I am now raising my children in close proximity to their grandparents - my parents. While I am very grateful for their support and for the role they play in my children's lives, I do not often stop and reflect on how lucky I personally am to have my parents nearby.

Tonight my parents came over to help with bedtime, as my husband is away for the week. I went upstairs to nurse my little one while my father read stories to my son.

As I nursing my daughter in her dark room, I listened to my father read story after story to his grandson. For the first time in a long time, I personally felt comforted by hearing his voice - a voice that used to read my stories when I was three years old. I listened to the familiar intonations, voice modulations, and his subtle, bemused sense of comic timing. As I was mothering my own child, I felt like a little girl, and it felt wonderful.

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