Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The “I Can” Exercise.

Here was a meme that I couldn't resist from Aidel Maidel...

The Rules are simple:

  • You have 15 minutes and 15 minutes only. Time yourself.
  • No making changes once the list is completed beyond correcting spelling mistakes.
  • Be Honest. It's okay if it's silly or strange or weird or disconcerting.
  • Resist the urge to explain yourself. Wait and see what other people will ask you to explain after they read your list.
  1. I can read most books in 1-2 days
  2. I can bentch by heart
  3. I can make my kids belly laugh
  4. I can nurse my son
  5. I can cook for Shabbat in under 2 hours (for 10 pple)
  6. I can find almost anyone on-line
  7. I can change a diaper in a flash
  8. I can tell if a child has a fever using my lips on thier forehead
  9. I can write very well
  10. I can be very, very, very blunt
  11. I can keep an organized binder of medical records
  12. I can keep my kids activities in my head- and not miss anything
  13. I can get in to see a doctor at the very last minute
  14. in that vein, I can be very persistent
  15. I can turn on my husband
  16. I can do six load of laundry in one day
  17. I can do legal research
  18. I can bluebook
  19. I can blog
  20. I can push a double stroller while drinking a latte
  21. I can talk about things other than my children
  22. I can be very vocal about my opinions
  23. i can volunteer my time (when I have it)
  24. I can be discreet
  25. I can listen to others very well
  26. I can tune out the world
  27. I can pass multiple bar exams
  28. I can make my husband smile
  29. I can be a damn good interviewee
  30. I can do well in school
  31. I can crack my knuckles
  32. I can touch my thumb to my wrist
  33. I can fold my tongue
  34. I can lose my self in song
  35. I can lose myself in dance
  36. I can read all 7 Harry Potter books in 4 months
  37. I can pack 4 pple for a trip in 4 hours
  38. I can make lists with the best of them :-)
  39. I can talk to all members of my immediate family in the 15 minutes before Shabbat starts
  40. I can shmooze
  41. I can gossip
  42. I can keep a secret
  43. I can give great hugs
  44. I can check my email 50 times a day
  45. I can win at Snood
  46. I can braid my hair
  47. I can give my daughter great pigtails (or double-ponies)
  48. I can tell a great story
  49. I can lead a group
  50. I can inspire
  51. I can get very angry
  52. I can use guilt
  53. I can throw a killer party
  54. I can drive to calm myself
  55. I can cook for people in my community who need it
  56. I can over-extend myself
  57. I can be lazy
  58. I can be forgiving
  59. I can be easy-going
  60. I can read ten books at a time with my kids, and not get tired of it
  61. I can remember stupid trivia
  62. I can be strong-willed
  63. I can kick tuchus at trivial pursuit - want to challenge me?
Time's up!

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