Thursday, May 22, 2008

shabbat/lag ba'omer recipe: coconut milk custard

I'm from Texas. Texas means meat meat meat. If they could, my family would eat chocolate-dipped turkey jerky for dessert. If they made meat straws, they'd probably sip their iced tea through them. Israel has nothing on the Kosher meat section of Randal's in Houston.

Maybe that's way I'm so darned happy with my dairy kitchen. It's a sanctuary. My deserts have caused riots. Why do they taste so good? Gee, I don't know...maybe it's the butter, the real cream, the whole milk...

That's why I was so devastated that for about 8 or 9 months, my breastfeeding daughter would puke her guts out if I so much as sniffed a piece of milk chocolate. That was hard. But out of desperation, I made up a desert that actually made those months worth it.

I'm putting it out there now in case any breastfeeding mothers are suffering through the same lactose-intolerance this Sukkot (my favorite holiday, culinarily speaking). And also, it makes a great Lag Ba'Omer dessert, if you're grilling today.

Coconut Milk Mango Custard

2/3 can of coconut milk (I use the full fat kind, because it's creamier)
3 eggs
1/2-3/4 cup brown sugar
1 cinnamon stick
1-2 tsp. vanilla
1-2 champaign mangoes or 3 peaches

Mix everything together and cook on the stove top on medium low for about 15-20 minutes, stirring constantly (after about 5 minutes, when the coconut milk gets hot).
Don't let it come to a boil or the coconut milk will curdle. It's done when it gets thick.

Remove the cinnamon stick, pour into a glass pie pan
peal and slice the mangoes or peaches, and place in a pattern on top
Let cool, refrigerate until ready to serve

Let me just add that I don't like coconut, but I LOVE this custard. It doesn't taste like coconut. It doesn't taste parve.


Ima Shalom said...

Yum--does the mango get cooked up with the other custard ingredients or is it added after?

Maya said...

I add the mango after the custard has been poured, but before it cools. I don't see why you couldn't cook it, though, except that it's probably prettier if you add it last.

Catfish said...

Hooray you! I'd found a perfect coconut milk custard recipie, but was an egg short, and my wife is at work with the car, so I had to go back online, and here you are, with a recipie that looks tastier and easier..awesome.

Mike, Nicki, and the boys said...

Wow, thanks for your blog. I'm just starting to explore Kosher living again. It's tricky to do here in Germany. I'm working on a good creamy vanilla ice cream recipe using coconut milk. Wish me luck!