Monday, May 19, 2008

Seeing Dan Zanes (Or Was It Bono?)

Yesterday we took our son to the Dan Zanes concert in Strathmore Hall. When I bought the tickets three months ago, he was in an obsessive Dan Zanes phase - watching the Dan Zanes and Friends DVD, All Around the Kitchen exclusively. He has since moved on to Uncle Moishy, so I was a little worried that we had jumped the shark.

No need to worry. It was thrilling for everyone - especially my kid. This seriously was the three-year old equivalent of a U2 concert. When the band walked out, the crowd went wild. We danced in the aisles and sang as loudly as we could when he played a song we knew (aka a song from the DVD). My son brought his guitar and strummed along for most of it.

And it was such a manageable concert. Each song lasted no more than 2 minutes. The whole thing was over in an hour. And it just was so much fun. Dan Zanes sings what he calls "family music" - and it truly is just that - music that each person in the family can enjoy and connect to. Dan Zanes himself is a master performer - making each person there feel like his special guest.

The highlight was watching the expression on my little guy's face. He wasn't smiling exactly, but he obviously was enraptured. He did not take his eyes off the stage for an instant.

I was a little surprised when this morning he still requested Uncle Moishy. But maybe he needs a little time after this live experience to go back to watching the video.

I am definitely over-analyzing.

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Anonymous said...

Oh,Mamamia,we are HUGE Dan Zanes devotees here. 3.5 yo A is literally obsessed, he dressed up as DZ for Purim (as per his request!). But when he goes to theconcerts (we go as often as location and budget allow) A is stone mute. It is as if he knows he is in the presence of greatness and kind of is in awe. We took him to the first DZAF concert when he was 11 mo, and we have been lucky enough to find others here and there since... ENJOY!!