Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The New Job

Here we go...

The good news: I found a new job!
The bad news: I found a new job that started last week.

I have no complaints. I am truly blessed to have found a really interesting job that is a fifteen minute walk from my house. I'll be able to flex time and be home many days by 4pm. Best of all, when Chamudi turns 2 he will go to school in the building where I work. And that's not even counting the comped tickets to all kinds of cultural events and the free gym membership.

All great things. But the imminent start date meant that we had to figure out childcare pronto. Though the next few weeks are a bit tough (sorry, Abba), we have found a temporary nanny-share that will take us from mid-June to mid-August. After that...well, we'll get there.

Meanwhile, I've begun leaving Chamudi in the morning to go to work. It's better when he goes to shul with Abba and is out of the apartment before I leave, but even then he looks a bit bereaved. It's tough for both of us. But twenty minutes later he's playing, and I'm immersed in work, and we're both okay.

I just hope that--despite all the changes in our routine-- nothing fundamental is changing about our relationship.

My work life promises to be more exciting than even before--but also much more demanding. It's definitely a new chapter in the life of our family.

Wish us luck!


Debby said...

Best of luck! Your job sound like a great job. I wish to find something like it around here. Unlikely, but I still wish. I read your blog about Shabbat, that your children are coming to love it. I found that when I talked about upcoming events, I always added its relationship to Shabbat. "We will have shabbat and then we go and visit your friend." ...or whatever, that way they counted the week through it. They seemed to understand and were more satisfied with that than with "In four days." Now they are bigger, so I no longer use it, but I miss it.

SuperRaizy said...

Congratulations on your new job!
Don't worry about something "fundamental" changing in your relationship with your son. Your bond is much stronger than that. Besides, soon he will be out of the house himself during the day when he begins school.
It's just your "mommy guilt" talking.

Marcela said...

Good luck! Wow, sounds like amazing benefits! You really scored!