Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Thankful Thanksgiving

Like most Americans, I usually spend more time eating turkey than feeling thankful on Thanksgiving. I always wish that I could interrupt the meal and initate a "what I'm thankful for" sharing fest, but I don't.

So instead I'll share with you, dear reader...

Things I'm Thankful For...

My son. He is wonderful and amazing and wild and makes me laugh--and think--every day.

My husband. He's interesting and beautiful and hands down the best Abba I've ever seen.

My best friend. She's been my doula, my psychotherapist, my cheerleader and much much more.

My mother. She's a mirror for me in ways sometimes joyful, sometimes painful, but always illuminating.

My father. He's fought through countless cancers and emerged a strong and active Saba for my son to know and love.

My sister. With five amazing children of her own she's my Mommy-mentor, answering countless questions big and small.

My brother. Having him back on the East coast after almost twenty years has been a revelation.

My health. Good physical and mental health are a blessing that I too often take for granted.

My two-bedroom apartment. It gives us space to be together as a family and space to be individuals.

My job. It allows me to work from home and flex my time, giving me a fighting chance at a work-life balance.

My city. It's filled with interesting people and wonderful opportunities.

Okay, your turn. What are YOU thankful for?

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