Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Girl Likes To Potty All The Time

It is that time of life. When life is one great potty. My daughter has officially begun her journey into toilet training and I have to say the whole thing is kind of ….weird.

We got her a potty as soon as Babycenter sent us an e-mail telling us of her growing knowledge of her body and its functions. So what that she could barely walk and didn’t know her toe from her taint, if the grand and holy Babycenter told us it was time, it was time.

Now we aren’t complete morons, we didn’t want to pressure her or freak her out. We let the potty sit on the floor by the bigger more imposing toilet. We wanted her to get to know the thing that would rule a major part of her life before she committed to it forever. So she would look at it. Touch it. Put her bear in it. Rubber duck. Various puzzle pieces. Never her tushy though. If we even suggested she sit upon it she would have a hoo and a woo.

But we let her come with us when we went potty. Told her how one day she could go potty like Mommy and Daddy. She watched. Fascinated. Captivated by what we were doing on the gigantic shiny seat. But overall I believe she mostly laughed at us. You see, my daughter is a genius and she knows that the whole diaper thing- she poops we wipe, no sitting on suspicious gas station white rings of pestilence after an ill timed Big Gulp-was really the way to go. Life was good. Why would she mess that up?

So this is how life remained. She enjoyed her diapers. The potty enjoyed becoming an extra chair in the bathroom. Important for any entertaining we planned on doing in there.

There was a breaking point a few weeks ago though. As she watched me fold laundry she fell deeply in love with my monkey undies. Cute, yellow, with an adorable monkey on the crotch-what’s not to love? I told her when she starts to go on the potty she too could have a pair of yellow monkey undies. Well she was quite pleased with this plan. Like a switch she started to pee on command when we put her on the potty-not the little one we bought when she was a fetus, with a ring of bathroom dust around its rim. The Big Girl Potty. She’s a queen and wouldn’t settle for a substitute throne.

She now knows what it means to pee and poop. She tells us when she is about to go. And sometimes we can make it in time. She is still miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiles away from even being close to potty trained. They don’t even make pull ups that fit her cute little tushy yet. But I do enjoy that she is beginning to understand one more thing in her life. Yes it’s sad that she is growing up-but I’m one of those weird Mommies that likes to look forward to her grown up future as opposed to wallow in her baby past. Heck there’s a lot of fun in the very near future. Pottying six times before we go to the mall, stopping at every gas station on the way to the mall, looking for every bathroom once we are at the mall. Woo hoo! But hey, we gotta go to the mall. We need to find a cute pair of yellow monkey undies in a 2T.


Gluckel of Manhattan said...

I am profoundly jealous. My almost 3 year old son has NO interest whatsoever in the potty. Or undies. Nothing. Nada. I am hoping he comes home from school one day and says, "Hey, Ima. I'm ready to wear big boy underpants." I know, not so likely...

Maya said...

This is a little unorthodox, but all my nephews were potty trained by "watering the flowers"--apparently, they were able to do outside what they wouldn't do inside. This only works, of course, if you have a yard.