Thursday, November 08, 2007

Night and Day

Nobody likes getting shots. But for some people, shots hurt more. My son wails and wails each time the needle pierces his thigh. And then he talks about it for days afterward, gives shots to his teddy bear, etc.

When my daughter got her first shot at 1-month, I expected her to howl. To my utter shock, she just sat there. She didn't make a peep! Yesterday, my daughter recieved her 9-month shots - three in the toe. She let out a small "wah" of recognition and then moved on.

My kids are night and day. And it became apparent from very first week of my daughter's life. My son is sensitive, passionate, deeply emotional. My daughter is a Buddha baby.

I don't want to pigeon-hole either of them so early in life! But sometimes I just can't help it. It is just so obvious how different their temperments are.

My son was deeply concerned the first time we gave my daughter a bath. He was going through a phase of hating the bath and assumed she would hate it, too. He wimpered for her and insisted that she was "all done." We put her in the bath - and she promptly fell asleep!

I find the whole thing quite bizarre - and strangely comforting. I take comfort knowing how much of their personality is out of my control. I hope to do my best to nurture and respond to their respective temperments - and that is all I can do. It is out of my hands.

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