Sunday, January 25, 2009

Inauguration Reflection

Watching the inauguration, it was difficult not to be awed by how civilized the whole thing was. I don't know why this year more than any, I was struck by just how smooth and peaceful the transfer of power was. Both the Obamas and the Bush's acted with remarkable grace towards each other.

I couldn't help but reflect on the many places in our world where changes of power lead to extreme and brutal violence.

Neither Bush nor Obama are blessed with superhuman powers of calm and dignity. A respected system is set in place for them - and they merely followed this set pattern - perhaps a little better than most.

As a parent, my natural potential to lose my cool or remain calm is not significantly greater or weaker than most. This year's inauguration reminded me of the importance of establishing patterns and systems in the home that help to guard against outbursts of anger and impatience. And it's harder to establish those systems on our own - without the help of lawmakers and judges. Still establishing patterns such as prioritizing rest, not over-programming, asking for help, and taking time to reflect can help our family guard against the temptation to lose it when the kids drive me crazy.

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