Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I'm Not Paranoid (You're All Just Out to Get Me)

Today the nanny did our dishes. Not only that, she washed the pad underneath the drying rack--the part of our kitchen so disgusting that we routinely wait months until one of us breaks down and cleans it.

I'm thankful, I really am. Though there are definitely kashrut issues and I'd rather she not do it. But I also feel a little...judged.

We don't have a cleaning lady. I'm not used to someone coming into my home and washing up. And I can't stand the idea that someone went into my kitchen and felt compelled to clean up. It's kind of embarassing.

This whole judgment thing is not entirely in my head. The first day she came to us she regaled me with stories of a former employer who she felt was doing things all wrong. So she really does take note.

But in the end...who cares? So maybe I'll have fewer dirty dishes and have a few fewer fights with my roommate...I mean husband...about how they're still sitting in the sink.


SuperRaizy said...

Let her wash the dishes if she wants to. Hopefully she'll decide that your floors are sticky or your laundry needs to be done and take care of that too. Sounds pretty good to me.

Maya said...

Our fabulous Slovak nanny (who just returned to Prague three weeks, two days and six hours ago)used to greet me each time I returned from work with, "Oh, I hope you don't mind, but while the baby was sleeping I swept and mopped the floor." Not only that, she'd have washed the dishes, combed baby's hair, arranged the books in the shelves, straightened the toys. In a word, the apartment was in perfect order and spotless. I had to refrain from asking her to marry me every day. Now when I hire, I routinely ask babysitters to sweep the floor when baby sleeps. I don't have a cleaning lady either. ENJOY IT!

Ari said...

Yeah, it is weird having someone work for you. She's the only person I know who has ever called me "sir" without following it up with "You're making a scene".