Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Beware the Label

Last week I caught myself thinking my son is a wuss. Even when it was an unvoiced thought in my head I was fighting with myself not to label him. He has a lifetime to grow and evolve, change his persona, and try new things. Labels whether voiced or not can only hamper his growth.

We went to Sesame Place last week and had a great time. The wuss thoughts came from the fact that my son did not want to go near the characters, did not want to go on any rides, and freaked out if water squirted at him. These were not new issues. My son is not typically a daredevil and is hesitant with new experiences.

But, as soon as the label started to form in my head, my son once again proved nothing is ever simple and we should all beware of labels.

We went to a July 4 fair and their were pony rides. When my son asked to go (more like jumped up and down with a huge smile saying PONY RIDE! PONY RIDE! PLEASE) my husband and I were both positive we would stand on the very long line and my son would decide not to go at the last minute. But we got up front and the man lifted him up, put him on the horse and off he went with an ear to ear grin. No fear, no hesitation, just a brave little boy.

So maybe right now he is not the kid to run to the front of the line for a new experience. But, I keep discovering every day is new and he can reinvent himself in ways the defy all labels.

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