Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What I Want to Work On

Every week after Havdalah, our family answers two questions - what was your favorite part about shabbat? and what do you want to work on this week. My three year old son almost always says that his favorite part was "juice" and that he wants to work on "two cupcakes."

Tonight (tuesday) out of the blue he asked me those two questions - and then he repeated the second one. "What do you want to work on, Mommy?" I told him I wanted to work on doing good listening - something we talk about quite often, mostly in the context of his behavior.

Reflecting back on the conversation, I am so glad he asked - especially right before Yom Kippur. I do want to work on doing good listening. I often find that I have this pesky tendency to multi-task - to try to get done 10 other things while also playing, singing, being with my children. I want to work on listening more deeply to both my children - listening for what's beneath the surface of their moods, noises, words.

When I asked my son what he wanted to work on, he replied, "I also want to work on doing good listening." We'll work on it together.

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Anonymous said...

mamamia, i'm going to try those two questions with my almost 3year old. thanks for the idea, & gmar tov.