Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Nemo, This One's For You

Rosh Hashanah is a beautiful wonderful holiday...unless you are a mommy in the kitchen.

It may be wonderful and full of meaning but I am exhausted. In the past 3 days I have prepared enough food to feed 43 people over the course of 6 meals. I had to create excel spread sheets to keep all the various menus and necessary ingredients in check. I have spent approximately 30 hours in the kitchen this week alone. I have spoon blister. My husband came home from work the other day and after I had spent the entire day peeling apples, skinning chicken and kneading dough dared ask me what I had prepared for dinner THAT night. He is lucky I need him in order to reproduce again.

Aside from the spoon blister, the hardest part is having a child. While at most any other time of the year she is a gift and a pleasure, when I am up to my nostrils in potato presents puffs the last thing I have time to deal with is making star shapes out of Play Doh.

I have to say, I am slightly ashamed of my behavior as a mommy this week. I fear that my need to be the Hostess with the mostest has outweighed my desire to be the Mommy with the mostest.

On Sunday night I completely forgot to give her dinner. I made 10 challahs. Marinated the brisket. But feeding my young. Not so much. (No worries. She had a delightful bowl of cheerios and peanut butter crackers.)

On Monday she watched Finding Nemo. Four times.

Today, in an attempt to alleviate my guilt I moved all her toys in the kitchen with me. That worked for a bit…then I tripped over her xylophone and dropped a pan of mandel bread all over the floor. So I called my best buddy Nemo. I love you Nemo, I will find you any day of the week.

Why is it that I am willing to set aside the most important thing in my world to please a bunch of people who will eat some food and then walk out the door? Princess Buttercup is in my life forever. Why should 3 starches 2 mains a salad and a stegtable come before that?

It’s a tough question, but I think for me the answer is Happiness. Making people feel happy in my home is not only wonderful to experience, it’s wonderful to share with my daughter, to teach her that putting forth the extra effort is worth it.

So though I can’t give all my attention to the one I want to make the happiest, it is for a greater good: brainwashing her to cook until the insanity takes over. No no no. Making people feel loved and special and happy is a great way to start off the year. Opening your home and your heart is a great thing. Especially on Rosh Hashanah-when we are all want to feel welcomed and loved and happy in the New Year.

I hope that in between the bouts of Nemo she gets that as she sees me running harried with flour all over my face. If she doesn’t now she will next year, when she’s tall enough to help.

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Nikol said...

That's all fine. What, however, do you think about Obadiah Shoher's criticism pf Rosh Hashanah as aholiday that has nothing to do with New Year? Here, for example