Monday, September 17, 2007

Great Days

Today was great!

I don't say that enough these days. I'm usually exhausted by the time Yeled and Yalda go to sleep. Especially on those days when I've been counting the hours until bedtime (yes, unfortunately, that does happen- and I'm willing to admit it!).

But not today.
Today was one of the best days that I've had as an Ima (not counting yesterday, which B'H, was also great- but DH was there with me). Yeled, Yalda, and I went to the Museum of Natural History together. I've always been afraid to go there alone- I mostly worry that Yalda will run off somewhere without me, and that I won't be able to catch her because of Yeled. Today, I decided we were going to give it a try... and it worked! Yay! Yalda loved the mammal hall, and the dinosaurs too. We were inside for about an hour- the perfect amount of time. Yalda looked at the animals, tried to touch them, described them to me, and compared them to one another. It was educational for both of us, and it was definitely fun! (Yeled went back and forth between looking around and sleeping).

Just goes to show that I shouldn't be so afraid of venturing to indoor public areas with both kids.

This afternoon, after nap-time, we did one of Yalda's favorite activities -"go to see the fire-engines." And, our lucky day- we got to see two engines pull out, and one pull back in! Nothing makes Yalda happier than the sight of a fire-engine with all of its lights and sirens turned on.

Thank G-d for days like this!
Especially since Yalda starts nursery tomorrow - an event we have both looked forward to all summer, but for which I feel, suddenly, completely unprepared.

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