Monday, March 03, 2008

Parenting as a Spiritual Journey

I highly recommend Parenting as a Spiritual Journey, by Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer.

Here is the book description from
A perfect gift for the new parent. A helpful guide for anyone seeking to re-envision family life. Parenting as a Spiritual Journey explores the transformative spiritual adventure that all parents can experience while bringing up their children.

Parenting as a Spiritual Journey shows, by looking at a typical day's routine, how even the seemingly insignificant moments in a day with your child can be full of spiritual meaning. From waking up in the morning to bedtime at night, there are so many opportunities for parent and child to connect in a spiritual way. Fuchs-Kreimer helps us see those possibilities, revealing how parents can come to recognize, understand and appreciate the joys, insecurities, wonder and awe that can contribute to the spiritual fulfillment of raising children.

Fuchs-Kreimer's interviews with over one hundred parents, plus her own experiences as a mother of two, illuminate the journey we take every day in raising our children. Included are rituals, prayers, and inspiring passages from sacred Jewish texts--as well as from other religious traditions--that are woven throughout this wise, funny and lyrical book.

I first read this book when I first had my son. It felt wonderful to read about an aspect of parenting other than sleeping and feeding!

And as more time passes, I continue to turn to it for inspiration and for the reminder that parenting truly can and should be a spiritual journey!

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