Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Roach

None of you want to read this post. Believe me.

My husband, son and I are on a pseudo-vacation. If you call the 2 week period we gave our nanny off so that she could go to New Zealand a vacation, so be it. We decided to take this time to go visit all of the various and sundry members of my family in Florida. Given that we are coming from New York at what I consider high snow season, it's probably a good thing.

In between visiting 4 different family members and one friend, we are taking a day and a half (OK, 2 nites) at a bed and breakfast on the beautiful shores of the Indian River in central Florida. I highly recommend b&b traveling with kids (the kid friendly ones of course). It's easier and far lovelier than a hotel, on so many levels.

So tonite, my husband and I are quietly reading as our son sleeps. Relaxing. It was a hectic day doing all kinds of exciting things that 3 year old boys like, and it rained most of the day too. The rain has been heavy this evening. I get up to finish packing us up for an early departure tomorrow morning, and....

there's a HUGE palmetto bug (that's what they call roaches here) on the floor near my bag. And then it leaps onto the chair. Apparently they jump or fly or whatever. Then it goes into the BED. Where my son is sleeping. And then it crawls under his blanket...and up his little body toward the pillow, and jumps off and hides.

If my son weren't sleeping, I would be screaming. I actually started to cry. We finally managed to get the roach (about 2 in. long, for what it's worth) on to the floor, where my husband started beating at it with my shoe.

This place is immaculate, and it's because of the rain, not uncleanliness, that the thing came in. But hell, this isn't supposed to happen. And I feel like a sissy because it's only a roach, but it touched my baby and now it's the middle of the night and I can't fall asleep because I keep thinking that there are more coming. My poor little boy. And I'm so freaked I can't even write a sentance properly.

I keep thinking of the scene in Star Trek's The Wrath of Khan where the roaches eat out Ricardo Montalban's brain. Thank God that didn't happen here (I guess I won't know till morning, right?).

Luckily we're leaving in the morning.
What would you have done?


SuperRaizy said...

OMG- what an awful experience! Roaches are just horrible. You're not a sissy at all, I would have cried also. At least your son slept through it all and will have no memory of this ever happening.

Maya said...

Hey Gluckel, these bugs are gross and frightening, but they really are NOT the same thing as roaches. Growing up on the Texas coast, we saw them in the most immaculate of places especially when it rains. I know this won't make you feel any better, but it wasn't doing any disgusting roach things. It was just coming in out of the rain.