Friday, March 10, 2006

Who is Ima Shalom?

Ima Shalom is one of the few women mentioned by name in the Talmud. She was R. Eliezer's wife and Rabban Gamliel's sister, and there are some great traditions about her. She was wise and chutzpadik and made her voice heard at a time when it wasn't always so easy. Her name means "mother of peace."

Welcome Little One

I have created this blog so that I'll never forget the joy of my first pregnancy, my first child, and all the excitement and promise. This morning at 6am I woke with a start and took a pregnancy test--my third in 6 days--and it was positive! I woke my husband and we basked in the glow for an hour before he went to minyan, talking about the future and rubbing my belly. We have different ideas on how long one should wait to tell people--I'd like to tell my mom and my best friend soon, and everyone else later. He wants to wait, because that's the tradition. Have I mentioned he's a scientist?